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This Columbus Traffic Camera Viewer Ver 2, allows the viewing of multiple traffic cameras, selected and arranged by you the user, and fetched from public sources here in Columbus Ohio, in near realtime, using a short simple URL: or link all on a single page-screen. www.buckeyetraffic.org the official ODOT website provides near realtime traffic information using a map based user interface that allowes a single camera or information device to be viewed one at a time, and is the source link to most of the cameras being viewed using this viewer.

What I wanted was the ability to select multiple cameras to view, all at once, as a single page or link, so I can quickliy select the best route to, from, and around town during high traffic periods. It would need to work with any web-enabled device, while on the move, as well as at rest.

What I created with CMHcams.com was the ability to view as a set, on my 3G phone. Mostly before and after meals, my personal peek travel time, I can quickily check the traffic cameras of most interest to me before I hit the road.

CMHcams.com remembers up to 15 user selected cameras of interest, and displays them as a set on any internet enabled devices with a wide range of screen sizes. The user interface will continue to evolve in an attempt to make it even more user abusive... In it's defense, the current user interface has been designed to be simple enough to work with just about any device with Internet access.

Please note that CMHcams.com requires that your browser's cookies be enabled! Without cookies this web-application will have amnesia and be just about useless! If you find yourself in setup hell, then turn your browser cookies back on! If you are unwilling or unable to deal with cookies, than "move along, there is nothing to see here..." without them.

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--- Camera Selections ---

Show Travel Times

Show Travel Times Map

Show I-270@Roberts Rd

Show I-270@Cemetery Rd

Show I-270@Tuttle Crossing

Show I-270@US-33/SR-161

Show I-270@Dublin Rd

Show I-270@Sawmill Rd

Show I-270@Smokey Row Rd

Show I-270@SR-315

Show I-270@US-23 North Side

Show I-270@I-71 (North)

Show I-270@Shrock Rd

Show I-270@SR-3/Westerville Rd

Show I-270@Morse Rd

Show I-270@I-670

Show I-270@Hamilton Rd

Show I-270@E Broad St/SR-16

Show I-270@I-70 East Side

Show I-270@US-33 South Side

Show I-270@Alum Creek Dr

Show I-270@US-23 South Side

Show I-270@I-71

Show I-270@US-62

Show I-270@Georgesville Rd

Show I-270@Broad St/US-40

Show I-270@I-70 west side

Show I-71@Polaris Pkwy

Show I-71 North@I-70

Show I-71@Shrock Rd

Show I-71@SR-161

Show I-71@Morse Rd

Show I-71@Cooke Rd

Show I-71@E North Broadway

Show I-71@Hudson St

Show I-71@17th Ave

Show I-71@5th Ave

Show I-71@I-670

Show I-71 North@I-70

Show I-71@Long St

Show I-71@Main St (south)

Show I-71@Main St (north)

Show I-71@Greenlawn Ave

Show I-71@Frank Rd

Show I-70@Wilson Rd

Show I-70@I-670

Show I-70@W Broad St

Show I-70@High St

Show I-70 East@I-70/71 Split

Show I-70 East Split

Show I-70@I-71 Split

Show I-70@Kelton St

Show I-70@Livingston Ave

Show I-70@US-33

Show I-70@James Rd

Show I-70@Hamilton Rd

Show I-70@Brice Rd

Show I-70@SR-256

Show I-670@Grandview Ave

Show I-670@SR-315

Show I-670@Neil Ave

Show I-670@at Park EB

Show I-670@at Park WB

Show I-670@Fourth St

Show I-670@Cleveland Ave

Show I-670@Leonard Ave

Show I-670@5th Ave

Show I-670@Johnstown/Airport Dr

Show SR-315@W North Broadway

Show SR-315@Henderson Rd

Show SR-315@Bethel Rd

Show SR-315@Dublin Rd

Show SR-315@King Ave

Show SR-315@Lane Ave

Show SR-315@SR-161

Show SR-161@Karl Rd

Show Cleveland@SR-161

Show SR161@Little Turtle West

Show SR161@Little Turtle East

Show SR-104@S High St

Show SR-104@Lockbourn Rd

Show US-33@SR-104

Show Front@Spring St

Show Gay@High St

Show Broad@3rd St

Show 4th@Town St

Show 4th@Long St

Show Grandview Ave@Dublin

Show International@Stelzer

Show Karl@Morse Rd

Show Cleveland@Morse Rd

Show Schrock and Cleveland Ave

Show High St and Lane Ave

Show Front@Nationwide Blvd

Show Nationwide Blvd@Neil

Show Neil@Vine St

Show Lane@Olentangy River Rd

Show Rhodes Tower SW

Show Rhodes Tower SE

Show Rhodes Tower NW

Show Rhodes Tower NE

You must show at least one camera, before you can continue!

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